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K-12 Christian Academy

Christian Academy

About Our Academy

Greater Works Christian Academy is a non-denominational PK-12 private school. Located in Hammond, we opened our school in 2008 with one child enrolled and now we currently have 24 students. Children receive help with their homework, with the assistance of a tutor (a mentor), more one-on-one help, and smaller classrooms.

Purpose and Mission

kindergarten The purpose of this program is to focus on a very serious issue that is happening in America today. This is the breakdown of the family institution, as well as the rest of the government; to see the need and find the answer for it. The answer to solve this problem lies in the one who wrote and created family values. This has always resulted in a positive impact, making people turn back to the foundation of this type of organization.

The basics are to bring back quality education, moral values, and restore the family institution, helping with special needs and learning disorder of the dysfunctional family. We believe this happens through education not only with the child, but a joint effort between mothers, fathers, and children of every church denomination.

Facilities and Students

Kinder through 4th Grade Our facility is 13,200 sq-ft with 4 classrooms; our classes are currently split into PK-K, 1-5, 6-8, 9-12. We have multiple grade levels in one class due to the size of our enrollment, however, as that increases we will be able to facilitate more classroom space as well as teachers. We also have an administrative office, church, kitchen/cafeteria, and a daycare in the building.

Approximately 45% of the students are members of our church and the other 55% are from the diverse community. We serve as a church and school that provides outreach to the community. We also offer employment opportunities for vital roles that become open as we continue to expand and as student enrollment continues to grow.

After School Programs

Greater Works Academy provides a safe Christian learning environment even after hours. Our After School Programs offer snacks, games, educational videos, and tutors on staff to assist students. Our secure facilities are open to students Mondays through Fridays, from 3pm – 6pm. Contact us for additional information today!